Just a little over a month ago I decided to convert our movie room into a workshop. The first thing I needed was a workbench. So I had plans to build a cheap one for $50-100 just so that I could start doing other projects...$750 later I have the workbench that I have been wanting! Obviously not all of that was spent directly on the bench, there were some new tools, fancy socket holders, etc... All of that stuff is still part of the project.

I received the LCD controller board on Friday, way ahead of the estimated May 5 delivery date. I was really only adding it for the novelty, figuring I’d not use it. I’ve already used it several times! The LCD board came with a remote, and it keeps it’s state when power is lost. So I can it set so that the screen comes on with the light switch.


If you’re interested, below are pics/descriptions. If not skip to the bottom for car related content.

Started with a GFCI outlet, just in case.

I wanted the whole bench to operate off of one plug, as I have plans to put it on wheels.

From the plug to the main (metal) box. Constant goes out to the switch and a 6 outlet strip on the front of the bench.

The switch controls the upper and lower light bars, and the top outlet of the “half-hot” outlet I have wired on the back of the bench.

Constant for the computer, switched for the LCD

The boards that I put in place for mounting the lights double as hidden shelves. I keep stuff like extra rolls of tape up there. (same beneath the worktop)

I fashioned a panel on which I mounted the Mac Mini. There are little slots on the top and bottom, that allow the panel to slide into place.

Mounted my time machine drive on the back of the panel.

LCD Controller Board/Remote

Quick mount for the board.

Mounted. Below: everything wired up. The round piece of putty is keeping the IR receiver in place.


The hidden IR receiver.

I just have the bench and sawhorses in the room now, working toward a full on workshop.

My wife has a ton of stuff she wants me to build. I really wanted to start tearing apart my old Nitro RC cars, but I build a “produce stand” instead.

In car related content I saw this sweet mustang at Home Depot on Sunday.

Happy Monday!